Saturday, 29 July 2006

Determination Of Exposure And Probable Ingestion Of Fluoride Through Tea, Toothpaste, Tobacco And Pan Masala By Asheesh Kumar Yadav , C.P. Kaushik, Anil Kumar Haritash, Bhupender Singh, Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi, Ankur Kansal

Levels of water soluble and acid soluble fluoride in tea, toothpaste, tobacco and pan masala (mouth freshener) were estimated. These items are, generally, ignored while calculating the total dietary intake of fluoride. Tea, toothpaste, tobacco, pan masala (with tobacco and without tobacco) frequently expose human body to 3.88–137.09, 53.5–338.5, 28.0–113.0, 16.5–306.5 and 23.5–185.0 g of fluoride per gram of these items, respectively. An effort was also made to quantify, on the basis of available studies, the probable human ingestion of fluoride through these substances. Increased leaching of fluoride from some of these substances has been observed in acidic conditions in the present study. The results can be extrapolated to acidic conditions of human stomach.

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