Thursday, 16 November 2006

Community-Level Micronutrient Fortification Of A Food Supplement In India: A Controlled Trial In Preschool Children Aged 36-66 Mo by Jessica L Varma, Soumita Das, Rajan Sankar, Marthi G Venkatesh Mannar, F James Levinson, and Davidson H Hamer

Deficiencies in the essential micronutrients vitamin A and iron are major public health concerns in India. The prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in India has been estimated to be as high as 74% in preschool-age children (1). National prevalence data for subclinical vitamin A deficiency in this age group does not exist, but regional prevalence rates range from 26.3% in New Delhi to 80.1% in Hyderabad (2). Existing micronutrient programs in India target the distribution of iron tablets and high-dose vitamin A syrup to preschool-age children. These programs, in place since the 1970s, have had mixed results because of inadequate coverage and compliance.
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