Thursday, 1 March 2007

Fabrication and Testing of Activated Alumina based Defluoridation filters with Yarn cartridges by Rachna Agrawal,Saroj Sharma, K. Margandan, Kushal Qanungo, Rajeev Acharya

We have fabricated and tested several defluoridation filters using activated alumina (DF-101) and
yarn cartridges. The flow rate of the filter was controlled by fixing a pinhole plastic stopper at the outlet of the yarn cartridge. Both domestic and intermediate defluoridation filters of 11 liter capacity and 50 liter capacity were fabricated. The filters was tested using fluoride contaminated ground water. The various filter parameters like empty bed contact time, flow rate, fluoride uptake capacity, time before Ist regeneration, and recurring cost of the filter were determined. Various water quality parameters like pH, TDS, Cl-1, NO3-, Na+ ,Total alkalinity, calcium hardness and magnesium hardness, total hardness were continuously monitored. These defluoridation filters with yarn cartridge being unbreakable can be handled easily. Moreover the yarn cartridge has been wrapped in several layer of nylon cloth which can be periodically washed and thus prevents the filter from chocking. The performance of the with similar filter fitted with ceramic cartridge.

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