Friday, 23 July 2010

Reference Intervals Of Serum Calcium, Ionized Calcium, Phosphate And Alkaline Phosphatase In Healthy Indian School Children And Adolescents By R.K. Marwaha , K. Bhadra , R. Khadgawat , M. Kalaivani , N. Tandon , R. Kanwar , A. Narang , A. Sastry

Many physiological changes occur during the adolescence period which are under hormonal and to some extent environmental control and lead eventually to physical maturity [1]. Biochemical changes
during this period have received particular attention in various studies [2,3]. Though biochemical reference values in apparently healthy adults have been well documented, similar data in children and adolescent age group are scanty, making the interpretation of biochemical tests difficult. Age specific reference intervals and specimen collection issues are special concerns in pediatric practice [4]. In view of difficulty in collecting large number of samples from children, reference intervals have been formulated using samples from hospitalized population [5]. Serum calcium (SCa), phosphate (SPO4) and alkaline phosphatase (SAP) levels are known to vary with age.

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