Monday, 17 October 2011

Nutrient Content And Amino Acid Composition Of The Leaves Of Cassia Tora And Celtis Integrifolia by Kubmarawa D., Magomya A.M., Yebpella G.G. and Adedayo S.A.

Wild plants play an important role in the diet of most rural dwellers in Nigeria. These plants tend to be drought resistant and are gathered both in times of plenty as well as times of need. Throughout the year, the plants play an important role in supplying nutrients and calories especially during the dry season when cultivated vegetables are scarce. (Freiberger et al, 1998). Although commonly eaten in the rural areas they are also consumed by urban people who buy from traders who also collect them from the wild. Two such plants are Cassia tora and Celtis integrifolia.

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