Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Association between Malnutrition, Sorghum (Jowar) and Dental Fluorosis among School Children in Urban Field Practice area of S.N. Medical College, Bagalkot, Karnataka by Gowri Shankar , Parappa Sajjan , Manjula R , Ramesh Mayappanavar , Sarojini Hunshikatti

Endemic fluorosis is widely prevalent in India where sixty million of the population in 200 districts of 20 states is at risk. Already six million Indians are disabled because of fluorosis and a tenth of them might develop neurological sequelae. Fluorosis in humans is predominantly dental and skeletal. This study was done in September 2011 to know the level of dental fluorosis in primary school children in urban field practice area of S.N.Medical College, Bagalkot and to associate between malnutrition and jowar consumption. Socio demographic profile and source of drinking water data were collected. Anthropometric measurements were recorded and body mass index percentile calculated. Dental fluorosis was assessed according to Dean’s fluorosis index. Drinking water samples were analyzed for total hardness and fluoride by Orion PH meter 920 A model with fluoride pH electrode Out of 227 children enrolled from standard I to VII (6 years to 12 years of age) in the Government Primary School, 171 (75.33%) were present on the day of the study It was observed that 102 students (59.65%) had Dental fluorosis and in them 72(70.59%) were under weight. Water  analysis revealed that samples from 5 borewells were not potable.

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