Saturday, 8 February 2014

Skeletal Fluorosis In Relation To Drinking Water, Nutritional Status And Living Habits In Rural Areas Of Maharashtra, India By Varsha Dhurvey , Sonali Dhawas

Fluorosis is an endemic disease resulting from excess intake of fluoride (F) through drinking water,
food or dentrifices. Skeletal fluorosis is caused by prolonged intake of excessive amounts of fluoride. Endemic skeletal fluorosis is widely prevalent in India and in many countries around the world but it is a major public health problem in some 25 countries in Asia and Africa. Good nutrition is as important for bone health as it is for general health. The severity of fluoride toxicity depends on the concentration of fluoride in drinking water, daily intake of fluoride, continuity and duration of exposure to fluoride, although the adequate nutrient intakes of calcium, vitamin D, and protein are of critical importance for bone health, phosphorus and certain trace minerals (magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc) and vitamin C and K are also involved in bone health.

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