Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ameliorative Effect Of Selenium And Curcumin On Sodium Fluoride Induced Hepatotoxicity And Oxidative Stress In Male Mice By Mohammad S. AL-Harbi , Reham Z. Hamza and Afaf A. Dwary

Sodium fluoride is the most commonly used compound in oral caries prevention in the form of fluorinated drinking water, salts or milk, tooth pastes, mouth washes and fluoride tablets that adversely affects liver functions parameters. This study evaluated the effects of Sodium fluoride on liver function parameters and also assessed the ameliorating effects of selenium and Curcumin extract. Mature male mice (weighing 35-45 g and each group of ten animals) were given sodium fluoride (10.3 mg/Kg bw) and/or Selenium (0.5 mg/Kg) + Curcumin extract (60 mg/Kg) daily intraperitoneally (I.P) for 4 weeks. In the present study, Sodium Fluoride exposure resulted in an increase in the ALT, AST, Total Protein and LDH levels with respect to the control. Further, Light microscopic investigation revealed that Sodium fluoride exposure induced histopathological alterations in the liver tissues. Supplementations of Curcumin and/or selenium to Sodium fluoride -induced groups increased liver enzymes activities. While some histopathological changes were observed in animal Co-treated with Curcumin extract and /or selenium supplementation to Sodium fluoride treated mice. As a result, Sodium fluoride induced hepatotoxicity is reduced by Curcumin extract and/or selenium to great extent by the entire restoration of the histological structures.

Link : http://jocpr.com/vol6-iss4-2014/JCPR-2014-6-4-984-998.pdf

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