Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Clinical Study Of Lipid Domains In Erythrocyte Membrane In Chronic Fluorosis by Shashi A and Meenakshi G

The quantification of cholesterol, phospholipid, and proteins in erythrocyte membrane of patients exposed to varying concentrations of fluoride in drinking water was assessed to understand the mechanism of relationship between chronic fluorosis and erythrocyte membrane lipid bilayer. Cholesterol in erythrocyte membrane was determined in dry lipid extract of erythrocyte membrane by the enzymatic manual CHODPAP method in blood samples of 500 patients of male and female patients of fluorosis as well as in age and sex-matched 120 controls. The extract was used for estimation of erythrocyte membrane phospholipids. Aliquots of erythrocyte membrane were used to determine the protein content. The relationship of water as well as serum fluoride with cholesterol, phospholipid, cholesterol/phospholipid ratio, and proteins in erythrocyte membrane were assessed by correlation and linear regression analysis. The mean values for cholesterol in erythrocyte membrane in fluorotic patients of both sexes were elevated significantly (F = 1357.07, P<0.001) in all study groups in comparison to control. There was significant (F = 222.40, P<0.001) accumulation of phospholipids in erythrocyte membrane in the examined groups. The cholesterol/phospholipid ratio was significantly (F = 108.04, P<0.001) higher in fluorotic patients. The level of membrane protein was declined significantly (F = 1378770.14, P<0.001) in erythrocyte membrane in all study groups. Correlation and linear regression analysis showed a positive correlations (P<0.001) of water as well as serum fluoride with cholesterol, phospholipid and cholesterol/phospholipid ratio. Erythrocyte membrane proteins revealed negative correlations (P<0.001) with water and serum fluoride, that indicate water fluoride being the strong predictor of involvement in depletion of protein content and increased levels of serum fluoride. These pronounced alterations in erythrocyte membrane metabolites of fluorotic patients are responsible for the changes in erythrocyte membrane fluidity that
may play a direct role in destabilizing the plasma membrane.

Link : http://www.cibtech.org/J-MEDICAL-SCIENCES/PUBLICATIONS/2014/Vol_4_No_3/JMS-028-031-SHASHI-CLINICAL-FLUOROSIS.pdf

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