Saturday, 2 April 2016

An Open Iibrary of Research on the Fluoride and Fluorosis Issue

The need for this openly shared library of research on the Fluoride issue has been felt for long. Dr Leela Iyengar initiated this with her collection of around 250 articles on subjects as wide as testing of fluoride in water to absorption of Fluoride within the body tissues. 

Since many of these articles are not open-access, we felt to tag their abstracts and make them available in a systematic manner. 

Those articles that are open-access will be made available with a link here.

The potential is immense with such as library ie initiating more students to do research, serving as a standard reference on the subject and helping useful summaries that provide the current state of knowledge.

If you need any of these referred papers here, please get in touch with us at ,,

Hope you enjoy your way through this treasurehouse of information !!

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