Monday, 28 March 2016

High Efficiency Fluoride Treatment “F-crest” By Takumi Fujita

 A high efficiency neutral fluoride treatment based on calcium phosphate salts as a main raw material
for solidification and insolubilization of fluorine-containing waste as fluoro-apatite in a short period
of time and high efficiency.  Solidification and insolubilization of a low concentration of fluoro-compounds in the environment as sparingly soluble calcium phosphate salts (fluoro-apatite) as suggested by the biomimetic nano surface reaction of applying a fluoro-chemical to teeth for protection of decay.  Very reactive with fluoro-compounds, which are effectively insolubilized with a small amount of “F-crest”. Completion of solidification and insolubilization of fluorine-contaminated soil in a short period of time. No need to replace the contaminated soil. No decrease of soil quality for a long period of time after treatment. More efficient in treating fluorine-containing wastewater than the conventional process based on aluminum sulfate (reduced to about 1/10th of additives). Little generation of sludge.

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