Monday, 21 March 2016

Serum Ionic Fluoride: Normal Range and Relationship to Age and Sex by Harry Husdan, Rudolph yogi, Dimitrios Oreopoulos, Cyril Gryfe and Abraham Rapoport

We used the Orion fluoride electrode systemtodeterminethe normal range of serum ionic fluoride concentrationsand to investigate its relationship to sex and age (A). 87normal men, age 18-92 years (mean, 46 years), and 49normal women, age 19-64 years (mean, 38 years), participatedin the study. At the 95% confidence limits, males<45 years old had a normal range of 0.29 to 1.52 moI/litre and males  45 years old 0.29 + 0.0101 (A-45)to 1.52+ 0.0101 (A-45) tmol/litre. Females, however, had anormal range of 0.022A - 0.32 to 0.022A + 1.07 tmol/litre. A group of 51 men 18-44 years old was comparedwith a group of 36 men 46-92 years old. The mean serumF of the older group was shown to be significantly greater(P <0.01)than that of the younger group. Factors relatedto serum ionic fluoride values are (a) tea as an importantsource of dietary F, (b) the lack of significant variationduring daytime hours, and (C) the lack of significant differencein concentration between serum and plasma F.Concentrations of serum constituents in normalpeople are in some cases affected by sex and age (1).Recently, in determining the normal range of serumionic fluoride in groups of males and females of differentages, we also noted that age and sex exerted some influence.Although chemical methods (2-5) for measuringserum fluoride have been known for over 25years, it is only since 1968 that it has been recognizedthat fluoride in human serum is partly ionized (6, 7)-chiefly because an instrument for convenientlymeasuring ionic fluoride (8-9) became commerciallyavailable in 1966. The importance of serum ionic fluoridemeasurements is further emphasized in view of theclinical use of fluoride as a treatment for osteoporosis,either alone (10, 11) or in combination with other substancessuch as calcium and vitamin D (12)

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